Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Three-way mirror

I was at the mall this weekend, in search of this bloggers panel event that I'd been told about - but which was either canceled or very well-hidden. In any case, I took that as a sign that the universe really wanted me to have a new dress.

In my favorite store, I found this wonderful dress that was fun, pretty and feminine, without being frilly. I liked the shape, and it looked like it might be flattering on me. But I always worry, especially when it's a new style. My appearance is something I worry about constantly. I'm not the sort of woman who can wear just anything and look good - and I'm always afraid I don't quite measure up.

Does this make my butt look big?
One of the things I like best about this store is the three-way mirrors in the dressing rooms. That way, I can make sure the outfit looks good okay from every angle. After all, we make impressions coming and going.

When I was ready, I brought my selections to the counter. The woman in front of me was (apparently) having some sort of fashion challenge and couldn't find what she needed in the store. Hey - I can relate. You try shopping for clothes when you're short and curvy. I need Indiana Jones as a personal shopper whenever I'm looking for jeans.

Anyway, I guess the woman was frustrated that neither this store, nor the other two in the area, had the item she wanted. Fine. But she was taking it out on the sales-clerk - which makes me uncomfortable. Then, she turned on me. She was very pretty. She definitely would not need Indy's help to find an outfit that would look nice on her. She gave me this nasty look, looked down at my purchases, and sneared - and of course, the ugly-duckling in me immediately felt this big.

Do you ever scratch your head at moments like these? I do.

I get it - problems and issues are frustrating. They distract us and we let them make us forget ourselves. We're all guilty of getting caught up in our little world sometimes. As though, if we have a problem and someone else doesn't - that somehow makes our problem that person's fault. That's ugly, though. I mean - it's not as though my actually finding a dress I like is the universe's way of punishing this woman. But there she was - blaming me for her troubles.

It's really too bad life didn't have a three-way mirror that could follow us around, and show us when our bad side is showing.


  1. Yike! I wonder who pissed in her Cheerios?

  2. I've learned to pity those people. Don't we all wish we had those problems? A reality check is something she desperately needs but will most likely never get.