Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Thirteen: My Dad

I suppose Father's Day means something different to me than it does to others. My parents divorced when I was little - which isn't unusual. What is unusual is the fact that it wasn't my mother who raised me; it was my father. He enlisted the help of some absolutely fabulous women - but at the end of the day, it was all my dad.

It's a running joke (in which I participate) that I am a spoiled-rotten daddy's girl. I am - and I'm not gonna lie, I like it that way. But it's not lost on me just how lucky I am to have the dad I do - and I don't ever take that for granted. My dad is my hero - literally. He stepped up to raise a little girl all by himself, even though I'm sure that was never in his plans.

He had to show up - for dance recitals, plays, concerts, parent-teacher conferences, birthday parties, doctor appointments, etc., etc. And show up he did - I don't think he ever missed a one.

He always had to look out for me. He couldn't live the life of a single guy in his 30's because he had me. But I never, ever felt like he resented that.

My dad and one of his grand-cats.
When I wanted to find a home for a cat, my dad took him in. And now they're the best of friends.

He can fix my computer. He can help me pay people to do other things that neither of us know how to do. This means that, really - dad is the only guy I need.

He paid for my wedding....

....but never once made me feel like a failure after my marriage fell apart.

He saved, and saved, and saved....and I've never paid a dime on a student loan.

He spoiled me rotten growing up. I never wanted for anything, and got everything I ever wanted for Christmas and birthdays....

....Until I turned 16, and told my dad I "needed" a car. He said, "No, what you 'need' is a job."

He never let me win at board games when I was little, and he never let me play games that were beneath my age or intelligence.

He read to me every night, until I was old enough to read to him. Then he listened.

He respected my privacy, and never once went into my bedroom or read my diary.

He gave me freedom and latitude to make responsible, adult choices and to form my own opinions. He respected me when I did so, even if he didn't agree.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!!

I wouldn't be the person I am today without you.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome guy. Happy Father's Day Mr. Rock!