Thursday, June 23, 2011

Parents' love - and birthdays

Though I have a pretty awesome dad, one thing we never did when I was a little kid was birthday parties. That doesn't mean I didn't get gifts - I did. I just think my dad preferred to spend the money on extra gifts, rather than a party. It avoided the headaches of planning, I was still happy, and my grandmother still got to make me a cake. It didn't bother my friends' parents because when their parties came around, I still showed up (with gift in tow).

All sorts of win for everyone.

But I know a few parents who go all out. They try to find a fun place to have a party, with decorations and goody bags and fun activities. Bowling, bouncy-bounce, pool parties... The list goes on.

But not too many parents would go to the lengths my cousins did this past weekend. Not even Harry Potter fans themselves, when their son asked for a Harry Potter themed party - they promised it would happen.

And did it happen.

This party promised to be so epic, I had two grown adults, neither of whom have children, ask if they could travel with me to attend. I was there (sans children, obvs) and it did not disappoint. Now, I would have gone anyway - because I love this kid - but as a Harry Potter fan, I was truly impressed with the detail and effort mom and dad put into this night. 

They are the parents everyone should strive to be. If I were to ever be a parent - they'd be my role models.

Here are few pictures, to give you an idea of just how much fun my Friday night was.
The invitation - much like the letters Hogwarts students receive.

On the door to the house....
(I made that!)

The Great Hall - dinner was Muggle Mac n' Cheese and Dragon Nuggets. 

Potions Class

Ollivander's Wand Shop
Qudditch. Yes, Bill made a Quidditch field.

Sorting hat - complete with a fabulous
voice, provided by a hilarious friend!

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