Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just like Goldilocks

I don't like to be too cold or too warm. Though I hate snow, I don't actually mind the colder temperatures of winter, because it's easier to warm up than to cool down. I just don't like it to get brutally cold. As far as summer temperatures, I'll take the extreme heat and be happy about it because we get so little summer in Upstate New York, but again, my sweet-spot is high seventies or low eighties.

When I'm inside, I think it should always be the same temperature. And it should never be humid. If I want to enjoy the outdoor weather, I should go outdoors for that. I shouldn't need a wool sweater to keep warm when I'm inside, nor should I need to be wearing my bathing suit. Room temperature is just that - and your room is the same no matter what the calendar says.

Which can be a problem for me, especially when I'm somewhere I don't control the climate. I have a very low tolerance for warm. It's more than just getting uncomfortable; I get antsy and cranky and can't concentrate or focus at all. I've been told it could be due to my thyroid condition - which is strange because the normal symptom for hypothyroidism is an intolerance for cold. Leave it to me to mess it up.

This whole "not too hot" thing can be a problem for me when I'm trying to exercise. A fact of which I was reminded yesterday as I got my workout by mowing my desperate lawn. I was reminded of how hard it is for me to stay motivated to get the exercise (and in this case, the chore) done when all I can think is, "Holy hell, I'm going to die!"

I suppose I can't do much about the intolerance; I'm like Goldilocks that way. But I can do something about my motivation when things are uncomfortable. Maybe focus on how annoyed I am by the lawnmower?

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