Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Five: Things about me

No Follow Friday Fun blog recommendation today - unless you want to count this link to the How About We... dating blog.

How about we... is a dating site that centers around picking a date activity. Users suggest a date (how about we....go to a museum, or how about we....go fly a kite) and other users gauge their interest based on the suggestion, rather than the person looks, age, interests, etc.

It's a cool idea. Once I created an account, I started getting weekly emails with date suggestions, all of which seem to be from Brooklyn. I accept this as confirmation that either the site is still growing, or they need a lesson in the geography of New York State.

There was an interesting topic on the site a couple of weeks ago - a blog titled 5 Things You Should Know Before You Consider Dating Me. It got me thinking - if I was going to give someone a heads up, what would I tell him? So, here's a Friday Five to make you laugh.

No AC?!? Ugh, when's dinner?

I refuse to live without central air conditioning. Humidity is not my friend - and I get cranky when I'm uncomfortable. 

I have terrible arthritis in my knees. If you're thinking, "She's walking so slow!" you're right. Either leave me behind, or build extra time into your planning. Why are we walking everywhere, anyway?!

Some surprises I like, others I don't Surprise flowers? I like. Surprise party, meaning I didn't know and therefore didn't wear my cute outfit? I dislike. Here's the catch: I expect you to know the difference.

Hunger affects me the same as heat and humidity - cranky, unless it's controlled. So, basically - I like to be comfortable. 

Of course my closet doesn't look
like this. It's not nearly that organized.
I love my shoes, and closet space is precious to me. Yes, I need all five seven ten pairs of black heels, and no, it is not open for debate. 

I have some fine qualities, too. If I can think of five, I'll share those next week.

What would be on your list?

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  1. On my list:

    I will not tolerate someone telling me who or who I cannot hang out with or telling me what to do. If you have a problem with me having guy friends (of which I have many), you're not the right guy.

    I am extremely independent, and therefore may make plans without considering others. I like to do stuff on my own, and that's not gonna change.

    I am a horrible influence when it comes to food. I love to bake (I even blog about it)... be prepared to eat.

    I love my cat. She was a part of my life first, and therefore will always remain a priority.

    My apartment may look like a diasater, but really it's an organized form of chaos that works for me.