Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Natural beauty

"There's no such thing as natural beauty." Truvy, Steel Magnolias

I came across this article on Yahoo Shine the other day. At the number one spot on the list of ten beauty moves men (supposedly) like? "When you bare it all" - aka, don't wear any makeup.

I always find that funny, considering men love women like Eva Mendes, Halle Berry and Heather Locklear. None of whom are ever seen without makeup - and each of whom has made money as a spokeswoman for a make-up company. But what do I know, anyway?

Any-who, the article says that the average woman spends nearly $200/year on makeup. I shared that on twitter, asking, "Who are the women spending less than $200?"

Not me. That's for sure.

But I got replies from several women who spend way less. Several said that if we included skin-care in that tally, they would probably be a little closer to $200, but on makeup alone - no way. A couple even said that if we were talking makeup alone, their total would be $0 (or close to it).

I think that's great. I think it's absolutely fabulous when a woman is secure enough to not waste money on things like foundation, eye-liner or shadow, or blush. Even better is when a woman knows her own beauty and doesn't need things like hair color, perfume, nail polish, concealer, mascara, or lip-gloss.

I believe that the most attractive accessory that any woman can wear is her own self-confidence. I just happen to need a little help when it comes to confidence in my appearance. I went through a stage where I didn't wear makeup - of course, I was in my early twenties, thin(ish) and engaged. Confidence (at least in my appearance) was less of an issue back then.

I think it's okay to need help with your self-confidence. The truth is, it's not good to get it from what other people think, anyway. That's not self-esteem, because you're not getting it from yourself. You have to find a way to like who you are, and be proud to hold your head high.

Because truly natural beauty only comes from loving you.

I'll be posting my absolute, favorite, Sephora must-haves, probably in August, after the birthday fairy brings me some Sephora goodies next month.


  1. Great post, Sue. Love your comments regarding self-confidence. All the putty in the world will not cover up an insecure woman.

    $200/year? Are you kidding me? Not me. I'm looking at maybe $40, but then again, I buy the cheapest stuff they can sell legally. And here I thought I wore too much makeup.

  2. Man, I feel like a superficial freak, I think I'd go a bit over $200, and I'm a drug store makeup girl (Aside from a few sephora staples.) Thankfully confidence is free!

  3. ashallann - you and me both. I also love me some drug store makeup finds - and there are some things from Sephora that I couldn't do without.

    I love my makeup. :)

  4. If you add in hair color and skin care, I'm still well below $200 - probably closer to $60-80 - most of that in the $40 a year I spend on hair color... (I'm not ashamed to admit it. My hair hasn't been it's natural color since I was 15. My natural hair color is ashy/mousy brown - totally clashes with my warm skin tones.)

    As for actual makeup, I definitely don't wear it every day - usually if I'm going out or have a job interview or other special occasion. Honestly, I'm just too lazy to fuss with it in the morning, and I've been blessed with generally even toned skin. (Lucky that way)