Monday, March 7, 2011

Say my name

I got a text from X the other night. His name was recognized by someone while he was out and about - because of me blogging over here. He laughed...and I told him I made him famous!

Anyway, it got me thinking about how, after a couple of years apart, and nearly a full year of being officially divorced, I still haven't changed my name. People often ask if I will, and I'll admit, way-back-when, I was upset enough with X that I was determined to do it as soon as the ink was dry on our divorce papers.

As I became less angry, and we became better friends - it became less urgent. Then I started blogging, which put my name "out there" a little more - and, honestly, my married name is way cooler than my maiden name (sorry, dad). Also, if you've ever changed your name, you know there's a crap-ton of paperwork involved - and I hate paperwork.

I still have no immediate plans to change my name. This works in my favor because I'd like to start carving a name out for myself, professionally (more on that another time). Now, like I said - my married name is way cooler. It's also easier to spell, say and remember - way more marketable. [SN - I really wanted to get married before I graduated college. Even after having been provided a flash card with a diagram and proper phoenetic spelling of my name, it was misprounounced - by a person with a Phd in English, no less.]

Also - X has no family of his own. My family was always his family, and this way, someone shares his name. Which I think is kind of nice - because, he's been a better friend to me (especially in the last few months) than most people ever find. I'm happy and proud to still consider him family, so changing my name is the least of my worries.

Here's the thing....

I would change my name if either of us got remarried. First of all - it would probably be kind of mean to my new husband if I kept my exes last name, and didn't take his. If X got remarried, it seems a bit disrespectful to the new Mrs. X for me to be running around town with her last name.

So - should I anticipate that and change now? Or deal with that bridge full of paperwork if/when the time comes?


  1. Never do today what can be put off until tomorrow.

  2. Words to live by, for sure. Procrastinators Unite - later. :)

  3. That's a tough call. There's a lot to do with your current name branding wise, but I can understand the hesitation because it could change. I say for now go with easy and keep it then we'll focus on a different branding tactic. :)