Friday, March 18, 2011

Follow Friday Fun: Ambiance Florals

Disclaimer: If you don't like shameless plugs, you should stop reading.

A few months back I was completely depressed and could barely get out of bed. I needed my family and friends to rally around me a little and give me some support. At the same time (literally the same weekend) my cousin became the sole owner of her business and was in dire need of her family and friends to rally around her and help support her business.

It's funny how life works out sometimes.

I know a little bit about flowers; how to grow them and even how to arrange them. I know very little about design. But I do know something about marketing and sales. I know a touch about social media - certainly more than my cousin.

The thing was - she needed to find ways to grow her business, without spending a lot of money. She also needed help changing up her website. In no way, shape or form an expert, I said, "sure, I can help," and - BAM! I had a new part time job.

As the new Social Media Coordinator for Ambiance Florals & Events, I started a twitter page, recently started a facebook page - and am now authoring the blog on their newly redesigned website (thanks to tonyk).

The blog is just starting out - you'll read about events, promotions, weddings and see photos of classes, designs and whatever else might come up. It should be fun - join us, won't you?

SN: If you don't like shameless plugs, you might be confused about what a blog actually is. But anyway....

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