Monday, March 21, 2011

Pet names

I really like the show Criminal Minds, though it's scary as all get-out and creeps me out on the regular. I still watch it - mostly because of Derek Morgan - the ultra hot SSA, played by Shemar Moore.

Hey, Sugar Shack.
See? I can't do it.
My second-favorite character is Penelope Garcia, the spunky, cute tech goddess that they all rely on to do the actual work. Last week, I caught an episode where Penelope calls Morgan by the nickname "Sugar Shack" - and it made me giggle.

I think some people can pull off the whole nickname, or even pet name, thing with good friends or with their significant other. I really can't. I never could. I have girlfriends who call everyone "honey" or "sweetie" but if I try to do it - I sound silly, and phony.

Im also not crazy about being called by nicknames. I've accepted a few over the years from family; people who knew me when I was a little kid; and my friends' kids.

I never liked being called "honey" or "hun" or anything by a significant other - not even when I was married. The pet name I hate the most? "Babe" - I hate it. Especially if it's coming from a guy I barely know. It makes me think that he can't remember my name.

So, I just prefer to be called Sue. Ms. Rock, if you're nasty.

Though, Shemar should feel free to call me anything he'd like....

....and of course, so should he.


  1. I think it depends on who it comes from. I'm not a fan of strangers calling me "sweetie" or "honey" and I went off on a peer once for it. He was condesending and rude.

    But I have a coworker who calls me sweetie all the time.. I got no issues with that because I like her.

    Someone I deeply respect once, accidentally, called me babe. We are not in that kind of relationship as he is a mentor and I'd like to call him a friend. To me, it meant that he also feels that frienship as well as the comfort level. He's kind of like the father I never had. So, I'm totally cool with it coming from him.

  2. I'm basically the same. There are a select few people from whom nicknames don't bother me.

    In relationships, I think it's an issue (all mine) of identity. There was one guy who called me sweetie once and he got away with it - but he was awfully special.