Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No Words Wednesday: New shoes

Cute, no? But I need outfit suggestions before I part with the cash.
Aaaaaaaannnnd - GO!!


  1. uh.. just about anything? those are awesome.. I would wear those any day at the office. Dress slacks and a sweater.. skirs or capris' in the summer (no stockings for peep toes)

  2. I think these fall into the "Field of Dreams" category---if you buy them, the outfit will come...:D

  3. KicknKnit - I've never owned a pair of red shoes before. I like the idea of skirts or capris. Guess my major concerns are:

    Peep toe okay in winter?
    Patent leather okay in summer?
    Can red go with something other than black or red?

    If I ever wore stockings with peep toes, you have my permission to cut my foot off.

    Jen S - I love it. :)

  4. based on the fact that you've never owned red shoes - you must have these! they are super cute anyway...they actually go well with more than just black or red...consider brown, soft muted blues...jeans and almost any T..wear them subtly and you'll be surprised! But - I do agree about the patent leather in summer...that never feels right in july...maybe at night. : ) ab.