Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thirty Days of Me: Day Six

The Thirty Days of Me project is explained here. The challenge for day six: Who is your favorite super hero, and why?

When I was a little girl, I had Wonder Woman underoos. I used to watch the show with Linda Carter all the time. I loved that Wonder Woman was...well, a girl woman. I also liked that she was a princess, and that she could make people tell the truth.

She's still my favorite, because in recent years, I've found what it means to save yourself. WW wasn't like other female super heroines, who mostly operated as a sidekick to a man. She was a solo act, and didn't really need any help. She was strong on her own, which is a running theme in my life.

I could tell you all about it. But the truth is, I've written it before. So, if you'd like to read more, click here and visit Chin Musik, a blog I follow and love.

Who is your favorite super hero?

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