Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday thirteen: Things you might not know about me

I'm stealing. Okay, borrowing. But I'll totally give credit. I liked this post by Cute~Ella so much - I'm doing my own here.

1 Nuns hate me.
2 I hate cooked carrots.
c My first pet was a cat named Jennifer.
4 When I was 12-14, every clothing item I owned (except jeans) was pink.
e My favorite group as a little girl was Menudo
6 I'm afraid of the dark
7 My favorite sound is my cats purring
That purse does not go with that outfit.
h I had knee surgery when I was 15, and have no cartilage in my left knee at all.
9 I've never been outside of the US - not even Canada.
j My paternal grandmother was like a mom to me. I felt guilty when she died, and I miss her every day.
k I'm not good at sewing.
12 No one, including my doctor, knows how much I weigh. I aim to keep it that way, too.
m The only episode of Saturday Night Live I've ever seen the whole way through is the one hosted by Derek Jeter

And you?

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