Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There for you

I've been watching Friends marathons for about a week - because it's my most favorite show ever. I have all the seasons on DVD (thanks Dad) so I can watch them whenever. I'm finding that they are filled with blog posts. (You've been warned.)

I tweeted a couple of the lyrics from the theme song - "...your job's a joke, you're broke - your love life's DOA..." It describes a time in your life when things are up in the air; a period of change, when you're trying to figure things out, and nothing is settled.

That's how my life is right now (kind of). At first I thought - that's cool. I have great friends, and I (sort of) know what I want to be when I grow up...my life is off and running in the right direction; I just need a little momentum.

Then I realized - this show is about a bunch of twenty-somethings. That's the time of life the song is meant to describe - your twenties. I'm a thirty-something - and I'm still there. So, I figure, my life is roughly ten years behind schedule.


At least now I have a cool theme song...


  1. I don't think that there's just one period of change where things can be up in the air and less than settled...I think that we continue to evolve and find what's right for us and sometimes that's more complicated and crazy feeling than other times. Hang in there, you're on a good path to find what's right. HUG

  2. "So, I figure, my life is roughly ten years behind schedule"

    I call Bullshit.

    Seriously, the only schedule that exists is the one you arbitrarily put on yourself. As the Beatles say "Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be"

    If you try to measure youself with someone else's yardstick you will never measure up.