Thursday, February 24, 2011

I think, therefore I...

One of the reasons I like road trips is because I do my best thinking in the car. Which is great - it helps me sort through problems, make decisions - and come up with blog ideas. The problem, especially with the ideas, is that it's not really practical (or safe) to act on the writing, or even make reminder notes. 

Recently, though, I took a long trip (more on that later) where I was a passenger. What's more, with two shorties in the car, we had to be quiet while driving during sleep and nap times. 

I found myself lost in my own thoughts for a few hours. I also found myself without pen and paper, but that was no problem - I grabbed my phone and emailed the ideas to myself.

Good idea, no? Of course, now I have a list of one or two word reminders, broken down by blog. While I sort through that, and my work emails, and my laundry, and my mail....and recover from my vacation-coma... 

Tell me, where do you do your best thinking?

My newest in-car hobby.
Taken with my head out the sunroof.

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  1. The car is a good place for me too, but also while swimming laps at the pool too. Down side of that is that I can't write anything down!