Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Words Wednesday: CSN Contest

I commented on this post at Albany Eats!, completely unaware of what was going on. So I really was surprised when Albany Jane sent me an email saying (appropriately), "Surprise - you won!" I am not a foody, a cook - or even a responsible homeowner. I bought purses and shoes. Shocking.

Aerosoles Blue Gene 595 Faux Patent
Murval Yves Glitter Small Satchel

Goodhope Iris mini-tote

I am in love with all three. The tote is the perfect size for a handbag; it's cute and it goes with everything. It was also inexpensive, and cleans easily, so I don't care if it brushes up against the car and gets covered in salt. The satchel is just adorable, and fun to carry, especially for going out (cause it sparkles, and all). The boots are cute - and could not be more comfortable. I'd recommend all three - and I'd recommend buying from Ordering was easy, shipping was cheap (free for me!) and my order arrived quickly. I didn't have to use it, but the return policy seems pretty painless, too. 

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  1. Love them! I'll totally check that site out :)