Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grey Goose is my favorite

I'm not really a fan of those silly facebook status games. You know, the ones that involve posting mysterious status lines about the color of your bra or where you keep your purse? I like the premise (to raise awareness for a charity) but I think it's a mis-guided use of facebook.

Still the most recent game did give me a reason to smile. It was a game for only women. We were to post a one word status, representing our current relationship situation.

Tequila: I'm a single woman
Rum: I'm a touch and go woman
Champagne: I'm an engaged woman
Redbull: I'm a woman in a relationship
Beer: I'm a married woman
Vodka: I'm the "other one"
Sprite: I'm a woman that can't find the right man
Whiskey: I'm a single woman but with friends that won't stop partying
Liquor: I'm a woman that wishes she was single
Gin: I'm a woman that wants to get married

The idea, of course, was to make the guys guess what we're talking about. At this point, I think most...well, everyone on earth...has figured out that the status never means what it seems. The guys all know it's a joke, and the ladies all wait to see the rules before they post.

All, that is, except my friend Chrissy.

About an hour after I got the message telling me what the lines meant (which, by the way, came from her sister), Chrissy updated her status to read: Grey Goose.

Now, I don't drink. So, I wasn't 100% sure...but I thought Grey Goose was a brand name for vodka. So I emailed Chrissy at work. This was what that email exchange looked like:

Me: What is Grey Goose? It wasn't on the list I got from (your sister)?

Chrissy: Huh?

Me: Your fb status? It says Grey Goose?

Chrissy: I didn't see a list. I just named my favorite drink. Grey Goose is vodka.

Me: You just randomly posted the words Grey Goose as your status? (then I sent her the list)

Chrissy: Oh, look! I didn't even see the list...but I picked the right one!

Me: Vodka means you're the "other woman." It means you're dating someone who is married or in a relationship.

Chrissy: I don't care what people think. Grey Goose is my favorite. (this was via email, but I guarantee she shrugged her shoulders and shook her head as she typed this)

Me: If only you could see the look on my face right now.

That's sort of how things work in Chrissy's world. She makes the rules up as she goes along; she changes rules that don't fit with what she's doing. Even she'll tell you it's a fool-proof plan. She always wins - either because she's actually right - or her opponent just gives up the fight.

Which is exactly what happened; I gave up the fight. No word yet on what Chrissy's mom thought when she saw the status her daughter posted.  

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