Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NaBloPoMo - Cooking

Today's writing prompt is
Tell us about the best meal you've ever cooked.
This question is clearly not meant for me - since I don't cook. Notice I didn't say I "can't" cook - because I'm sure I could if I was so inclined.

I'm just not. I can cook enough to get by, and have made a few somewhat successful holiday meals.

But I don't honestly think I've ever made a "good" meal.

I'm OK with that, too. When I got married, I had the foresight to choose a husband who could cook. After he moved out, I was smart enough to move in a housemate who can also cook. I have friends and family who can cook, and because I'm single and (they think) helpless, they're constantly giving me free food.

I don't think they realize that grocery stores and restaurants are happy to prepare meals for me in exchange for money - but that's fine. I'll gladly accept free food.

The less money I spend on groceries, the more I have left for important stuff.

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