Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NaBloPoMo - Worst trip

I have not traveled a lot. Well, at least not out of the country. I only left the US for the first time this past summer, when I went to Montreal (which is really, really close to where I live, anyway).

I have been to fourteen of the fifty states, plus Washington DC. Well, actually, two of those thirteen states were only drive-bys - I drove through on my way to another destination. I've also traveled to every corner of my own state (New York).

I'm supposed to talk about the worst trip I've ever taken. The truth is, doing that might hurt someone's feelings. Even more importantly, as bad as my worst trip ever was - there's always something good in every trip.

Traveling is supposed to be about finding new places, having new adventures, and learning new things about yourself. Even if a trip is awful, you probably learned something new you don't like (or may have even found one good thing that you do like).

I don't think anything can be all bad, if it gives you the chance to learn and grow and explore. Besides, it's all about making memories. Without the bad memories, how would we know to appreciate the good?

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