Monday, September 17, 2012

Guess my number

From Shush Shoes Facebook Page
No, not that number. The number I want you to guess is way more embarrassing.

I switched my shoe wardrobe from spring/summer to fall/winter the other day. Yes, I have so many pairs of shoes that I have to box/store half the collection just to keep it manageable.

Which got me wondering how many pairs I actually have; so, while I was moving stuff around, I counted.

The number is a little embarrassing, really. Almost too painful to write.

So, I'm going to let you do the writing. Leave a comment for me below with your guess for the number of shoes I own. I'm talking an all-in number - dress shoes, work shoes, event shoes, slippers, flip-flops, sneakers. Everything.

The person whose guess is closest to the actual count will win this lovely Sephora makeup bag filled with goodies I've collected from shopping at, and also*

Comment whenever you like, but to be eligible for the contest, you must comment before noon on Friday, September 21. Comment as many times as you like, but only your first guess will be counted for the contest. Make sure you either sign in with contact information, or check back to see if you won so you can get in touch with me.

*Please note the Sephora makeup bag was free with my last online purchase. Online purchases from Sephora also yield a crap-ton of samples, and Birchbox is a service to which I have a paid description. So the samples were either paid for by me, or free to me as a result of a purchase. Neither Sephora nor Birchbox paid me to mention them in this post. I just like their stuff and have a whole lot of it laying around. 


  1. Ummmmm, I'm gonna say 152

  2. 328 But just tell me if I'm right, I don't need to win :)

  3. I say 82 pairs (or 164 actual shoes).

  4. 135. I'm sure I'm probably underestimating your power to shop & for that, I apologize.

  5. 227 .... seems like a random number, but I took a long time thinking!

  6. 250. Seems like a reasonable number for a stylish, awesome woman such as yourself.

  7. I was gonna say 121...but I feel like it might be more than that. So I'm gonna say 161. Yes. 161. Final answer.

  8. OK Everyone....The acutal number of shoes (pairs) is: 109.

    The closest guess was Alison - she's within 26 of the right number. Sephora bag and samples on its way!

    ndkelly29 was next - 27 off.

    Awesome Autumn...if you had stuck with 121, you would have won! Always go with your gut.

    For you other ladies...I love you. And so does the US Economy. Your guesses inspire to go shopping. ;)

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  10. I'm soooo excited. I had forgotten what I could have even won because I really thought you would have had more shoes. I've seen your purse room. Yes, Ladies, Sue has a room that has purses hanging from every part of the walls. Love it!