Monday, May 16, 2011

Go with the flow

I'm trying to get healthy and fit. A couple weeks ago, I asked for some suggestions on healthy snacks that I could eat to cure my hunger, while still avoiding empty calories. My twitter friends came through in a major way.

Eating better is something I'm starting to think I can do. I know there will be days that I won't eat right. But I know I can pick it back up the next day. I still have a ways to go - vegetables still elude me - but I'm getting better at eating well, and saving a ton of money in the process (more shoes!).

My next challenge is to get myself motivated for the gym. I mean - I've been going a few times a week, but that's not getting me the results I want. I need to be motivated to go more often. When I get home from work, I'm often too drained from my day. Or I'm busy right after work, and too tired by the time I'm finally done for the day. Getting up in the morning is a challenge for me - because I'm not a morning person.

I realized a while ago that part of the problem is my day job. It isn't something I really love (or even like) all that much - so starting my day is tough. So, I think I need to refocus in the morning; I need to stop thinking of it as a start to a work day, and start thinking of it as a start to my day...which will include work.

That's probably the main obstacle in all fitness and health goals, don't you think? All goals, really, depend on motivation and focus. We're so driven to a certain goal, or a certain way of doing things that we give up easily when it doesn't happen right away, or work out exactly as we expected.

I guess the trick to success in anything is to be willing to shift your perspective, and learn how to go with the flow.


  1. The best way to stick with it is to try and make it part of your routine, whether in the morning before work or in the afternoon after work. Or maybe some days before work or after work.

    Other suggestions:
    Workout Partner - sometimes it is easier to get up for those early morning workouts or not skip an after work workout if someone else is counting on you being there.

    Take a class - just another way to have a set time and day of the week for working out, unless you are the sort of person that regularly skips class.

  2. John - the routine is where it's at for me. I don't keep the same schedules as my friends who work out, and I skip class like it's an olympic sport (thanks, college). :)

    I just need to suck it up and make it a part of the routine (probably in the mornings) and after a while, it'll be second nature. It's getting started that's been tough, but I'm off to an okay start.