Thursday, May 19, 2011

Apples and trees

Chrissy's son turned five last weekend. Five. Hard to believe he's gotten so big, while I haven't aged a day.


The party was at a bowling alley. Chrissy's mom was telling me a funny story about bowling with her other daughter, her husband and their daughter a while back. Apparently, mom's finger got caught in the ball, and when she went to release - it didn't. She fell forward, and as her son-in-law described it, "looked like she was sliding into third."

The thing is, when I hear a story like that about someone in Chrissy's family - it's not surprising. Mostly, it makes sense - in this case, I actually thought (and said), "Well, I guess we know where Chrissy gets it."

That's the sort of thing she's always doing. For example, did I tell you about the time she was in Florida on business? All her coworkers, their boss - and their boss' boss - were walking across the courtyard of a very well-appointed hotel to the restaurant for dinner. Everyone was dressed, so Chrissy was wearing a black sheath dress and black heels. One of the heels got caught in between the pavers in the courtyard, and she tripped. Chrissy fell backwards, into a bush.

Funny, yes? Wait, there's more.

Chrissy didn't just fall into the bush - she fell over it, onto the other side. Where there was, in fact, a pool. So, one of her coworkers had to reach over, grab her hand and pull her back up.

I guess that apple didn't fall far from the tree. All I got was straight hair and big hips.

What traits did you get from your parents?

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