Friday, May 27, 2011

Follow Friday Fun: Big League Stew

In keeping with the baseball theme I accidentally created for this week, I thought I'd direct you to my favorite baseball blog. There are actually quite a few out there, and this one really needs no help in gaining followers - being a part of Yahoo Sports.

But it's my favorite.

Big League Stew is edited by Kevin Kaduk (who posts as Duk). He has several contributors, including Dave Brown. Dave's an incredibly cool guy, who not only knows his baseball, but who once helped me make a purse-buying decision on twitter. We all know how important purses are to me.

Big League Stew is a fun blog, written by authors who not only know baseball - they know what fans want to talk about. They don't just talk stats and standings - they talk about what matters. Plus, occasionally, Curtis Granderson contributes. What could be better? (Besides Jeter, who as far as I can tell, does not have a blog.)

If you're into baseball, or even just sports, you really must check this out. You can also follow Duk on twitter here and Dave on twitter over here.

Other blogs of note:

Pinstripe Alley

Blogging the Bombers (NY Daily News)


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