Friday, August 6, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

There seems to be a lot of talk lately about how those who have should give up what they've earned in deference to those who do not. I'm not really in favor of that position, nor do I understand when some of those same people also complain that the US is becoming a socialist nation. Why complain, when it's obviously something you're in favor of? Your argument loses some fire if you're only against it when it doesn't suit you.

I read this article, talking about how Michele Obama is under fire for taking "glitzy" vacations while most of our coountry is struggling to make ends meet. There is further argument that, although she is paying for her own personal expenses (hence the glitzy), she's also costing the tax payers money for her secret service protection, and her staff.

I may be wrong - but it seems to me that Ms. Obama is always protected by the secret service and always has a staff. My guess? These are salaried employees - who are paid the same, regardless if they are traveling in Spain or hanging at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This is all very reminiscent of a recent discussion about Chelsea Clinton's wedding, that appeared on a blog I follow. Same argument - the Clinton's should be ashamed to spend that much on a wedding in a poor economy, when so many are struggling. There was also some discussion of tax-payer hardship here as well.

Here's my thing: I'm by no means rich. I struggle to make ends meet, and my divorce left me behind the eight-ball in a lot of ways financially. But if I had it - I'd definitely spend it. I think people are entitled to enjoy what they've earned, and should be free to do so without feeling guilty. I think it's wrong to assume that just because a family spends a lot on a wedding or a vacation, that must mean that they are not doing their part to help those in need.  

I'm definitely in a better place than a lot of folks. I do empathize with those who are struggling in a failing economy. But I think we're all far better off worrying about our own struggles and fixing our own problems, then we are whining and complaining about what others have - simply because we don't. 

It reminds me of two little kids fighting over a toy. Neither really wants it, but neither wants the other to have something he doesn't, either.    


  1. I'm with you and I think a lot of people are complaining about this crap because they have bigger things to worry about that they want to ignore.

    I like to think of the Chelsea thing as "Congratulations to her! How exciting for her and I'm glad they spent the money in NY. And a lot of money in NY at that!"

  2. I agree - it's wonderful that the Clinton's spent the money in NY!!

    I never thought about people complaining about this kind of stuff to avoid their own issues. But you're right - that probably plays into it.

    The thinking that someone with the means shouldn't have the kind of wedding or vacation that they want just because others are not able frustrates me. It's like someone saying to me, "Well, I can't afford my mortgage payment, and even though you can, I still don't think you should buy that purse." Huh? How did we get there.

    *shakes head*

    Thank you for reading!!