Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm such a crab

Though I've had mixed results when it comes to psychics, tarot cards, mediums, etc. One area of spiritual interest that I'm finding more and more accurate is horoscopes.

I'm not necessarily talking about the daily what's-going-to-happen-today horoscopes - though those are sometimes accurate. Those seem pretty generic, and like they could be hit or miss for anyone on any day.

What I have found to be accurate is the characteristics and qualities that astrology attributes to each sign - and in particular, how people of each sign will interact with each other.

For example...I'm a Cancer. The fourth sign in the zodiac, Cancers ruling planet is the moon (which is weird, since it's not a planet), and the ruling element is water. By most counts, being a Cancer makes me:

Emotionally manipulative

....and I wear my heart on my sleeve, should listen to my gut, and am used to getting my own way.

Now - anyone who knows me can tell you that just about every one of these things is true. While nurturing and domestic would suggest I'm a good cook, that's where our unique experiences come in. Do I cook? No, not really. But anyone whose ever been to my house for a meal will tell you there will be more than enough food.

Emotionally manipulative? I suppose, though I try to control those tendencies. Again, experience has taught me who I don't want to be. But if I wanted to be vindictive and manipulative to get my own way? I know a few tricks.

Thrifty? Not anymore, though I can be when I want to be. I've clipped coupons with the best of them.

As for moody, sensitive, introverted, protective, and used to getting my own way...

Who, me?

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