Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday five and a fill-in

I want to tell you about Pudge, but I'm not quite ready yet. So in the meantime, a few good things...

I enjoy this blog by Kateri Von Steal. My work browser is a jerk and won't ever let me post comments, so I rarely get to react to what she writes - but you should check it out.

I don't think I say thank you enough to Baking Suit. She's a wonderful friend, sushi date, and shopping partner. Actually, she just makes my life better, period.

Today is my cousin Joey's birthday. For three years, he's been bringing giggles and sunshine into my life. I love him more than I can say. He, his mom and his older brother mean the world to me, and embody what I've come to think of as family.

Amazingly enough, my family was able to make Easter plans with very little drama or confusion. Though I still don't know what time dinner is, at least I know where I'm eating - and that I don't have to (attempt to) cook.

Though it was recently pointed out to me that working for a large corporation is "Satanic" - doing so allows me the ability to volunteer time and money, pursue other endeavors, and buy shoes. It also keeps me from living on the street, or having to rely on anyone else for a place to live or pay my bills. To me, that's a fair trade-off.

And a little fill-in fun...

  1. The wind blew wildly and the ocean crashed.
  2. Derek and Shemar make me feel warm and happy all over.
  3. The smell of coconut makes me think of the beach.
  4. When I am feeling lazy I give in.
  5. Brilliant purple is my favorite color.
  6. The door creaked and a cat came in.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I am looking forward to the gym, tomorrow my plans include a flower show and church, and Sunday I want to give my cousin a happy birthday kiss and eat cake


  1. Aww. Stupid Whoremones made my eyes tear up. You make my life better too! HUG

    1. Hi Ladies,

      I think that we should do a blogger's sushi night... I can drive up your way.. I am not that far away!!!!

      Just saying.
      Discuss amongst yourselves!

  2. I LOVE YOU! That's so sweet that you tagged me in your post.
    I'm glad you enjoy my blog! I enjoy yours too!

    What a coincidence Derek (God I hope Jeter) and Shemar make me feel warm and happy all over TOO!