Monday, July 2, 2012

Thirty Days of Me: Day One

The challenge for day one.... A photo of myself and a description of my day

May 2012
I've decided to describe yesterday, because Sundays are more fun to describe than Mondays.

I don't like to make plans for Sunday. I like to leave the day free, in case I want to go to church, or the gym, or just sit in my yard and soak up some sun. 

I read books, watch movies, go grocery shopping, or go to the mall. I might go to the movies at the mall if there's something worth seeing. Sometimes I get a manicure; sometimes I get a pedicure. Sometimes I get both. 

Sometimes I take myself out to lunch. Sometimes I spend time with family, or my friends. 

It happens that this Sunday is two weeks before my birthday, and I'm planning a party for myself (because that's what you do when you're single). So, today I ran party errands.

I love Sundays.

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