Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cash, check, or charge

We've already talked about the fact that I went through a bad bout of depression earlier this year. We also talked about the fact that one of the ways I decided to bring myself back was through volunteering. One of the organizations I'm volunteering for now is Girls Inc. of the Greater Capital Region

Why Girls Inc.? Their mission is to "inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold." I see that as being right in line with my own personal passion; empowering young (and older) women with a healthy self-esteem. I also have a passion for tolerance, compassion, and equality - and I believe tolerance of others begins with learning to accept yourself.  

So - I signed up to work at the after school program for the Schenectady Girls Inc. center in the fall. I also joined the Cornerstone Group - a group of individuals who plan and execute activities in support of Girls Inc. fundraising goals.

Our mission for summer 2012? To host our own mini-event, raising money for Girls Inc. Now I've never hosted a fundraising event before, and I'm not terribly comfortable asking people for money. But...July is my birth month. It occurred to me that if I threw myself a birthday party, some people might show up with gifts. So, why not throw the party, and ask those people to donate, in lieu of a gift?

So that's what I'm doing.

But, even if we're not so close that you'll be coming to the house to watch me blow out my candles - don't let that stop you! I have always said that I accept cash, check, or charge as gifts - and this year, that's absolutely true!

To make donating (aka gift-giving) easy for my friends and family, particularly those who can't do so in person, I've created a fundraising page at You can visit my page here, or click that nifty widget over to the right (--->). Donations at the site are secure, and go directly to Girls Inc.

I have to start by thanking Stella & Dot, Madison Handbags, Mr. Subb, PartyLite, Thirty One Gifts, and Ambiance Florals & Events for helping to get things started.

So, if you're passionate about kids, or women's causes, or youth services, or education, or community activism...or you're looking for a way to get on my good side....feel free to click and give. 

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