Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thirty Days of Me: Day Three

The challenge for day three.... Your favorite store.

I love to shop. Love.

So choosing one favorite store is a touch difficult. If I'm shopping for clothes, I'd have to say Macy's, because they have the designers I like, and they have a petite section for my jeans, and a plus-sized section for my tops. They have a lovely selection of both, and I rarely leave disappointed - or as rich as when I arrived.

If I'm shopping for home stuff, I truly love Bed, Bath, and Beyond. As my cousin says, this store is "orgasmic." If you need a household gadget, they probably have it. Plus, they're always sending me coupons. Even better? They own Christmas Tree Shops, and I can use my gift cards at either store. Don't you just love a bargain?

Of course, the store I'm in the most often is Target. Why? Because they have everything. Where else can you get frozen veggies, fresh fruit, shampoo, nail polish, a Yankee shirt, and underwear all in the same place?

Of course - I like me some shoes. My new favorite place to shop for those is DSW. I like the prices at Famous Footwear better, but the selection at DSW is phenomenal. I told Baking Suit the other day that if I ever get married again, I'm going to register at DSW. "Can you do that?" she asked. I don't see where you can, and I really think they need to work on that.

But my absolute favorite store? The place to which I refer as "heaven on earth?" 

Yup, totally girlie, frivolous, indulgent, and (some might say) unnecessary. 

Sorta like me. 

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