Friday, January 13, 2012


Are you superstitious? I am. I won't walk under a ladder, if I spill salt I have to toss some over my shoulder, and I don't plan anything for Friday the 13th.

It's not that I think the universe suddenly becomes a bad place, or that bad things are more likely to happen on that day. It's more like I figure we'll find the bad more easily, because we're on the look out. Or, worse yet, we'll create situations that are more likely to end badly.

Like, if I have to walk under the ladder, I'm so focused on not knocking it over - that I knock it over.

So - no blog post today. I'd be afraid to see what might happen.


  1. I've heard that people that are superstitious routinely have teeny black cats cross their paths.

    1. It's because they notice them. If they weren't superstitious, they wouldn't have noticed them at all. I had a very very good Friday.