Monday, January 9, 2012

Move Monday: Bridesmaids

When the movie Bridesmaids came out last spring, I heard it was everything from average to hilarious. I heard it was a total chick-flick, and it made people laugh out loud. I even heard about how awkward the opening scene can be if you watch it with your parents, or teenage daughter.

What everyone failed to share was how much of a train wreck the movie actually is.

Don't get me wrong - it's a good movie. Well acted, the story is good, the comedy is top-notch, and the story is totally relatable.

In fact - it might be too relatable.

*Spoiler alert - I'm going to describe some scenes, so if you haven't seen the movie, and that bothers you, stop reading.*

I watched the movie last Friday night. I wasn't alone, and I happen to be watching it with a guy. He laughed the whole way through the movie - when Annie gets stuck on the fence during her walk of shame, when the girls get sick whilst wearing couture gowns, when Annie performs a dozen stunts to get the attention of the lovesick cop, and even when she goes nuts on a plane, after a bad combination of medication and alcohol.

He laughed. I cringed. At one point, I think I even looked away. Honestly, I've been less stressed out watching real-life crime stories and slasher films.

"Why?" he asked. "What bothers you so much about this movie?"

I gave that some thought. I mean - the movie is funny. I did laugh a few times, and of course the Hollywood ending made me smile.

It was really the perfect exaggeration of all that is wrong with women, especially when they're competitive and put into a group - and especially when that group is a wedding party. It seems like those situations not only bring every insecurity, irrational worry and fear to the surface - they multiply them by a thousand.

As I was watching the movie, I found myself wondering why Annie would put herself in that situation. Couldn't she see he was using her? Couldn't she see Helen was manipulating her? Couldn't she see how she was making herself look bad?

I was scared and embarrassed for her, and angry with her at the same time. It was like being forced to watch home movies of your own most awkward moments - and then watching live as a friend makes the same mistakes.

Awkward, amusing, nostalgic and frustrating, all at the same time.

That was a lot of stress. I think a nice serial killer movie might be in order to break it up for me.

It's a great movie. I give it four stars - except I don't think I'll ever be able to watch it again. I hope they don't make a sequel.