Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jewelry conundrum

I have a ton of jewelry. Mostly costume, some a little pricier. I don't have a ton of real diamonds or semi-precious baubles - I like to change it up too much to spend quite that much of my budget on one item.

I realized the other day that my jewelry was taking over my dresser. I want my things out and easy to grab as I'm running out the door 30 a few minutes late for work - but I don't want my dresser looking like a messy front lawn the day after Christmas; cluttered and sad.

I have a huge jewelry box, but it belonged to my Grandmother and came to me filled with her things. I don't have the heart to part with any of it. I also have a smaller jewelry box, which she gave me - but that's filled. I have an organizer for rings, and one that can hold necklaces.

My most recent kick has been bracelets and big earrings - and my most recent problem is where to store all I've collected. So I bought a small organizer that can double as a jewelry roll for travel. It can also hang on a doorknob or a drawer handle when not on the go. It has tabs to hold bracelets, pockets and holders for earrings and rings, and a teeny-tiny mirror.


I got it home and opened it up, and like any kid with a new toy, I started opening all the compartments. Imagine my surprise when I found a necklace already tucked inside one of the zipper pockets. A bonus, I wondered? Except it can't be - it's labeled for sale, and made by a different company than the organizer. The same company also makes costume jewelry, so I'm sure if they were going to include a give-away, it would be their own product.

At first I thought maybe someone had taken the organizer out of its packaging, and put the necklace inside. To see if it fit? To make it easier to steal? Because they were bored?

Then I looked more closely. The price on the necklace had been crossed out - the way you would if you were giving the necklace as a gift.

So I think someone removed the organizer from its packaging, put the necklace inside, and gave the whole thing as a gift - and the receiver returned it to the store without ever opening it to find the bonus gift.

Exciting! It's a bonus for me!

I guess you could say I unwittingly "stole" this necklace. I mean - I left the store with it, without paying. But the person who gave the gift originally did pay. The person who returned the organizer didn't get the money back for the necklace - so technically, the store isn't out money.

It became a gift to me instead. Right?


  1. Yes, definitely a gift to you - but I wonder how the original receiver explained their way out of not having the necklace?!?

  2. Too funny - since they obviously didn't even know they ever had it in the first place! It's pretty too - silver chain with a large, oval, pink stone. Total costume, very inexpensive, but totally pretty with the right top.