Thursday, January 12, 2012

Move over

We arrived to church on Sunday (I know, right?!) a little late. We found empty seats in the middle of an aisle, so we had to excuse ourselves past this woman who was sitting close to the end of the row.

The row in front of us was largely empty as well - in the middle. Another group came in after us, and had to climb over the three people sitting at the end of that row.

It got me thinking - in these situations, when someone needs the seats, why do we let someone climb over us? Why don't we just move over, and give them the seats on the aisle? To that end, why don't we just sit in the middle of an aisle in the first place? That way, stragglers don't have to climb their way to a seat, interrupting us, the people sitting near us, and in some cases, the speaker or performer.

That's a good seat.
In situations where we've paid for a particular seat, I can understand. But in those cases, everyone should be in their seats before the show/performance/speech/whatever starts. You can always exit the aisle, let people take their seats, and then sit down.

In general admission, first-come seating arrangements, though, it doesn't make sense to me. What is it that makes us so attached to those aisle seats? Easier to get up for the restroom or to take a call? I hope not. Adults should be able to sit still for a couple of hours. Are we worried about an easy escape? That seems a bit extreme.

Or is it just that someone points and asks, "Is that seat available," and we're that incapable of thinking outside the box?

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