Friday, July 23, 2010

My Silver Lining

I recently took a less-than-stellar vacation. Being the sort of someone who likes to find the positive in any situation, I decided that I would look hard (dig deep, if I had to) and find the good that came out of my trip. Then I decided I would blog about it, so that I won't be able to forget the good stuff. 

We rented a beautiful condo in Wildwood, NJ about two blocks from the beach and boardwalk. If you're thinking about visiting Wildwood, I have to say a condo is the way to go. You can't beat the value in terms of cost or convenience. 

The other thing that's nice about Wildwood is it is very family friendly. There is a lot for kids to do on the boardwalk, including games, rides, a water-park, and all kinds of junk treat foods. There is a ton of excitement to be had. 

Of course, Wildwood is a beach town. A beach vacation isn't for everyone (myself included) but if you're a beach person - I have to say Wildwood is a great place to go. The beaches are clean, the people are friendly and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the sand and surf. 

But, if you're like me - you bore easily. You might want a little bit more to do than just the beach and boardwalk everyday. The best part of the trip for me was Cape May. A quaint little town, it offers more beach if you like, but also shops, shows, a haunted tour and great restaurants. I found my vacation savior in Cape May - a cute little shop full of the best Vera Bradley selection I've seen. 

If you're even further like me, you burn. I tan eventually, but too much sun all at once leads to some nasty problems for me. So, I was really happy to have brought this lotion with me that has aloe and vitamin E, which is good for healing. It worked like a charm. Believe me - I've healed many burns in my life, and nothing has worked better than this stuff. Highly recommended.

Another thing I learned while I was away? Substitute makeup is not for me. This is a valuable lesson. I recently switched makeup brands to one that I am unbelievably happy with, both in terms of quality and value. When I left for my trip, I was getting low on powder foundation, so I had to switch back to a regular, store brand until I could get home and order more of my new favorite. The store brand is relatively expensive, even in a national discount store - and yet, didn't work half as well. My advice? When you're traveling, especially in salt air and humidity, that is not the time to switch back to an inferior product.

To sum up - my vacation was not really that great. But I did visit a place I'd never been, found a new possibility for weekend getaways, was able to feed my purse/accessory addiction a little bit and I found a couple of new must-have products for my makeup bag.

There's always a silver lining. Even if you find it when you come home.


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  1. I'm always losing my silver lining in the bottom of my carry-on.