Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Sorry

I found this poem online. I didn't write it, but the author was not credited at the site I was visiting. So, I can't take credit - but I love it. If you wrote it - let me know. I'll give you credit.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for bothering you. I'm sorry for all the texts I send you. I'm sorry for IMing you the second you get online. I'm sorry I keep asking if you're free to hang out. I'm sorry I ask random questions. I'm sorry that I ask about your life. I'm sorry that I bother you. I'm sorry that I always recite all those silly friendship quotes.

But here's the truth: I'm not sorry for any of those things. I only did it because you're my friend.

What I'm really sorry for is that you don't realize how much our friendship means to me. I'm sorry that I am worried that this friendship might not last. I'm sorry I wanted to talk to you. I'm sorry I wanted to get your opinions and advice on things. I'm sorry I wanted to hang out with you. I just thought that's what friends did. I'm sorry I was willing to do anything to get your attention. I didn’t know being friends was too much to ask from you.

Please do me one favor, when you see the tears gently falling down my cheeks, don't try to comfort me. I don't need a reminder of how it might have been. So please, if this is over, let's just say our goodbyes and walk away and not look back, because I can't believe that an honest friendship is now fading to nothing.

Now that's really what I'm sorry for.

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