Thursday, July 15, 2010

I ♥ Twitter

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I am a twitter addict. I haven't been tweeting long; started in February 2010. I actually started so that I could follow news sources - because I was being trumped by twitter. My friends were getting their news from twitter before they were getting it from me via text.  

What started out as simply following a few news sources and celebs and only one or two "actual people" has evolved into an actual community for me. I work in a very small office - just me and one coworker - who is a very nice person, but not someone with whom I "chat." So, my twitterverse has evolved into a group of people with whom I can share my day. I complain to them, I share happy news with them, and I join in their conversations. I've answered questions, taken polls and given advice. It's cool.

Twitter is also where I found some great blogs to read and follow. Those blogs have helped steer me in a new direction that will (*fingers crossed*) someday be a career opportunity. In the mean time, it's a great hobby, and a way to share with others who have similar interests and views, or who are simply open to intelligent discussion.

Twitter is not for everyone. I get that. I've tried to introduce it to a couple of people, to no avail. They simply don't understand the concept of jumping in and chatting with people you don't know, while online. Ironically (or maybe not), these same people are outgoing and would think nothing of starting a conversation with a stranger at the grocery store, in a bar or at a party.

Probably the best way to describe the thing I most enjoy about twitter is to describe my "feed" to you - that's the page where I go to see what the people I follow are saying.

Right now, there are 7 conversations in my feed. One is a guy I met who lives in CA recounting his day, with a funny story about hs daughter. He's looking for a job right now, so every now and again, we will chat and I will try to be encouraging. There is an article posted regarding why people become sex crazed at 27 - and a couple of my friends have added their own comment.

A couple of other local friends are discussing the best uses for twitter - so far, porn, shoe shopping and lunch plans are their top answers. A local blogger is having a separate conversation with one of those friends about designing wedding invitations. Kevin Smith is peddling tickets for his upcoming shows and interacting with his fans, which is always fun. Another couple of friends are discussing the merits of swedish fish and swedish meatballs.

If I want, I can join in on any of these conversations. Or I can just watch them roll by. I can even start my own, by posting an article or a picture, saying something funny, or asking a question.

Or by tweeting a link to this blog....

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