Thursday, December 8, 2011

Receive the good

You may remember that I went to church a few weeks back. Since my presence didn't cause the building to buckle under, and since I'm enjoying the experience - and the company - I've been back every week since.

Something that this Pastor has been able to do, that no other Pastor/Minister/Priest/Whatever has done before is make his sermon relevant to my life. He gets me thinking, and questioning, and wondering if I'm not 100% right. That alone is impressive - just ask anyone who knows me.

This past week, he was talking about how people "strive" to find God; that they put in effort and work to achieve a place in God's grace. The Pastor says we miss the point when we try to "achieve" God - that He is something you receive, not achieve.

Basically, the message was that, as long as you're open to receiving God into your life, you can. No questions asked.

If you think about it - that really applies to just about any good thing in life. When you're depressed, and convinced there's no hope, nothing to look forward to, and no reason to be happy - you're completely closed off from the possibility that something good could happen. If you're closed off - how will you recognize the good when it presents itself?

It doesn't matter if you're looking for good results from a diet, or want to meet someone new, or get a promotion, or buy your first house. You have to open yourself up to the possibility before you'll find whatever good you're looking for.

That message makes sense, and it's important to all of us - no matter where it's learned.


  1. I think that is why visualizing your goals helps so much. Once we see it in our lives, we are open to the idea and we drop the mental blocks against it.

  2. We search and search and strive and strive yet always when we have given up that focus, that's when what we needed shows up on our door. There is no coincidence and everything happens for a much as i hate that saying it is undoubtedly real - we need to recognize the spirit within us and allow it to flow on it's path- not ours. Ridiculously annoying but seemingly true- we need to not simply let the waves flow over us, we must ride them too.

  3. I like your style.
    I found you through Girl's Got Shine.
    Good luck on your journey!