Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Third grade lesson

"With third grade comes a new mouth." 

That's what my cousin said to me while she was trying to explain to me that she and her husband are having a little trouble getting their 8-year-old to listen. 

Thing is - this is one awesome 8-year-old. And that's not a compliment I give lightly.

It's important to teach kids boundaries, and respect, and how to handle themselves in public. After all, no one is doing them any favors by letting them think that all adults will think they're as wonderful as their parents (and favorite cousins) do. 

But you can't tell an 8-year-old to do something "just because." Especially not one who is smart and awesome. It's better to demonstrate; even better yet if you can relate it to something that's important to them. 

"If you can remember the last thing I said, you can have a peanut butter cup," Dad said to his son. 

My little cousin paused, considering his father's challenge. His eyes lit up as he said,
You said: You can have a peanut butter cup.
Which was, of course, the last thing Dad said.

We teach kids a lot. But if you're paying attention, every now and then, they'll teach you something even more important.

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