Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Remember when?

Have you ever noticed that we cling to the past sometimes? Like, when we start a new job, we spend a lot of time reminiscing about the job we just left behind? Or when we get out of a relationship, we find ourselves constantly saying, "Well we used to..."

I hated high school. Hated it. Freshman and sophomore years were like one, long nightmare. Junior year was a little better. When I was a senior, I finally started to find some confidence - then I went to college and had to start all over again.

I'd say I stopped reminiscing about high school by my third year of college. I put it behind me, like it never happened. Sure, I still had some friends from high school - but if they were still around by that point, we'd already started making new memories. There was no reason for the "Remember when....?" conversations. 

College wasn't much better. In my third year, I met X. By my fourth year, I'd moved out of my dad's house and was living with X, working full time while I struggled to graduate and make enough money to contribute to our life together. I was planning a wedding, and thinking about finding a career after graduation. I didn't bother making memories after that point, and after I walked across the stage, I never looked back.

I know people who talk about college (Some, even high school!) fondly, reliving all the fun they had, the stories about friends they still know, like it all happened yesterday. Sometimes, I envy those people. Did I mess up? Is it sad that I don't have more memories of what used to be? 

Or am I luckier, because I'm able to live in the present, and because I actually like the life I have now? It's not that I have no memories - I guess I just set them aside quicker than others.

I like to think maybe I do that to make room for more.

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  1. I think memories of good times help us get through the bad times, to remind us that life can be good again and memories of bad times remind us not to make the same decisions again.

    I don't think you messed up, but I think if you choose to do so now, you can certainly make memories of your current life.