Thursday, September 8, 2011

No one is perfect

The other day, I said to someone - No one is perfect; we all have our flaws. His response? "So what are yours?"

Interesting question. One I wasn't totally sure how to answer.

Personally, I think most of my flaws are physical. I'm too short, I'm too fat, my nose is too big, my smile isn't even, etc. But those weren't the sort of flaws he was asking about. To his credit, he was trying to have an interesting conversation. (It's worth noting that asking someone to think about their flaws is a good way to get them to stop analyzing yours....)

More like five 2's.... 
So I thought....

Then I realized I had just driven by about 15 parking spots because there were signs everywhere saying "No Parking Any Time." Even though dozens of other cars were parked, I was too scared to follow their lead. As I passed a car on the way to a parking lot, a man exited his car with his dog - on a very long leash. Before I knew it, the little guy was in the road - right under my car.

My reaction? Put my hands up in a "What the....?!" gesture, that was (I believe) accompanied by a raised voice.

So I turned to my friend and said, "My flaws? I'm inpatient, and have no tolerance for stupidity."

Then I stopped to consider my outfit. My bedroom looked like my thirteen-year-old self was visiting for the weekend - because, naturally, I had nothing to wear. When it came down to choosing a pair of shoes, I sent a picture to my friend to make sure they weren't "too sneaker-like" before finally settling on the complete ensemble.

I also remembered that the whole reason I was driving was because I wanted to make sure I had air conditioning on the warm day - and that I wouldn't forget to take Dramamine before getting on the boat. Also that I spent most of the night stressing over the fact that my nails hadn't gotten done the day before.

"And I might be slightly high maintenance."

Interesting question. What are your flaws?


  1. Haha my flaws? Where do I start? I procrastinate too much, I run late too often, I'm not as good with money as I'd like, I'm down about myself, and I'm often impatient when I shouldn't be. Just to name a few.

  2. None. I'm perfect. ;)

    But seriously, folks ...

    Well, let's see. Some of mine are similar to CuteElla's: I procrastinate, I'm not good with money, I'm extremely impatient. Other highlights include, I'm very emotional, I worry too much, I dwell on things I should probably let go, I talk too much when I get nervous, I hide under the proverbial covers when I don't want to deal with something, and I am enthusiastic to the point of being annoying.

    That's a good start ...

  3. I adore you both. You're perfect as far as I'm concerned. :)

  4. Lisa, D'Lovely is right, we are two peas in a pod.

    And Sue, you are perfect in my eyes. :)

  5. I've plenty! Some physical flaws such as being overweight, scoliosis, and bad eye sight (wow! I sound like a beauty!;) ). Other flaws like I also have a trouble of letting a disagreement die when I've "won".

  6. I pretty much only have one. A complete and total lack of empathy.

    Problem is...It has about a dozen major applications that can all be viewed as separate flaws, not the least of which, include:
    1. I hate all people.
    2. I hate all animals.
    3. I cannot put others before myself.
    4. Because of that, I cannot make responsible decisions.
    5. I make people around me feel bad.
    6. I acquire, build and cultivate enemies with great ease and efficiency.
    7. I cannot feel your pain. I cannot see your suffering. As such, I do not give a shit about your problems.

    The list goes on and on...

  7. This post made me laugh out loud! I have SEVERAL flaws, but I won't list them all here...I think the main one is my constant self-doubt. I am trying to get better about it, though :)