Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'll admit...

...that I got this idea from Baking Suit

...that I have two posts that have been sitting in draft-stage for weeks, because I keep getting distracted.

...that I probably don't need any more shoes.

...that I'd love to resign from my job, but I'm very attached to the quality of life the salary affords.

...that I should be more careful with my money.

...that I sometimes give in to feelings when I shouldn't.

...that some of my best stories are born from bad ideas.

...that I sometimes know something is a bad idea, but might do it anyway.

...that I can (almost) always handle the consequences when that happens.

...that sometimes, I really don't like when friends offer opinions or advice.

...that I sometimes just want to stay home, eat unhealthy food, and watch stupid TV.

...that sometimes I wish I was the sort of person who could just unplug - but that's just not me.

...that there are some things even I won't admit here.

...that sometimes it feels good to admit things - so feel free to do so below.


  1. LOVE IT!!!

    I'm with you on the bad ideas. I can usually handle it and they make great stories after the fact.

  2. AMEN!

    I agree with a lot of these.

    however... the one about staying at home, unhealthy food, and watch stupid TV... I want to do that on a regular basis... while UNPLUGGING FROM REALITY!

    However, that's not me.