Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I never liked to beg

My first Halloween costume ever was Wonder Woman. I was 5 years old. It was one of those awful, plasticy costumes with the horrible masks that were oh-so-popular in the 70's and 80's. I liked dressing up as Wonder Woman, but I remember wondering - why am I begging strangers for candy? This seems unsafe - and unnecessary. Can't we just go to the store and buy this stuff?

Me dressed up as a sparkly, coordinated witch.
Not a stretch.

Much to my father's relief, after that I sort of lost the taste for trick-or-treating. I think I may have gone once or twice more, but mostly, I just wanted to go to parties or shaving creme fights where I could dress up (with minimal effort) and have fun without begging.

I dressed up once in college - finally realizing my life-long dream of being one-half of a couples costume. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Because X was (and is) such a good guy - I did not have to beg.

As an adult, I only dress up if there's a party. When I do, I'm minimally creative, and unwilling to invest a whole lot of effort (or money). I don't enter costume contests, and I won't wear anything that isn't an outfit I'd normally wear, anyway. Nothing uncoordinated, no cheap makeup, no bad wigs.

Since I live in a house, I hand out candy. If I'm not going to be home, I leave a basket on the front step. I'd say I do this to be a good neighbor, but mostly it's because I don't want the little beggers to trash my front lawn.

I guess I never got the point of a holiday that celebrates dressing up as someone else - as if who you are isn't fabulous - and begging others to give you something you should know how to get for yourself.



  1. I appreciate your thoughts on this. I dislike dressing up myself, but I LOVE seeing the kids dressed up. Especially creative ones.

    When I hand out candy, I give more to the kids with good costumes. I'm an ass like that.

    1. I don't actually mind little kids being dressed up. Think it's cute. I applaud creative parents, and the ones who dress up themselves.

      I dislike ungrateful, rude, or misbehaved children.

  2. I don't live where trick-or-treaters visit, so that's kind of a bummer. I too usually wear things I'd normally wear, but I'll go the bad makeup route if necessary. I love the idea of dressing up and being something different (even though I'm awesome), but I don't like to invest any actual money in a costume. Ha.