Monday, April 16, 2012

Movie Monday: Titanic

When this movie was first released, I had no interest in seeing it in the theaters. I really don't like Leonardo DiCaprio, and I figured there was no point. I mean - we know how it ends, right? 

You mean to tell me they wouldn't have seen that iceberg?
Then I learned that the "lower-class" passengers were prohibited from even attempting to escape, because the Captain and crew wanted to save room in life-boats for the people with more money.

Then I had no interest in seeing the movie. Ever. 

Yes, I get that it's history. I get that the movie isn't a statement in support of that action, just a factual portrayal of how things went down. That doesn't mean I have to like it.

Somehow, I ended up seeing the movie when it came on HBO. Know what? It was even worse than I imagined - and I chalked it up to 2+ hours I can't ever have back. 

This weekend marked the anniversary of the Titanic tragedy - and the re-release of the movie (in 3D, no less). 

Obviously, if they went to the trouble and expense of not only re-releasing the movie, but also showing it in 3D, the studio must feel there's money to be made. And I'm sure they're right - people will flock to theaters to experience the movie one more time. 

I still don't understand. Why? 

Jack and Rose didn't really exist. It's not likely that any Romeo and Juliet inspired romances blossomed on the ship. So it's not like that part is really historical. As far as it being romantic? Well, let's face it - if Rose really loved Jack, she could have made room on that piece of wood. At the very least, they could have taken turns, so no one had to freeze to death. 

At the end of the day, the movie is just a really sad statement on how greedy, unprepared, and grossly-negligent the ship owners and crew were. It's a also a sad portrayal of how society placed (places?) value on lives based on the value of their bank account. 

And it's still got Leonardo DiCaprio. Now, if they remade the movie with Chris Hemsworth...that'd be something.

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