Monday, April 23, 2012

Frame of mind

I never plan to turn this into a religious blog, but it's no secret that I've been going to church now for a while, and am actually enjoying the messages.

The most recent series our Pastor is presenting is called A Beautiful Mind. The series is about reshaping your future by reshaping your thoughts, and embracing the life God has planned for you.
I missed the first part of the series, but was there Sunday for the second part, and watched the recap. I also watched this video, which they're showing as an introduction. It's an amazing message, if you really stop and listen.

Even if you don't believe in religion, or even in God, I think the idea that repeated behaviors set the tone for your life is powerful. What's even more powerful is the idea that, in order to change the direction of your life, you first have to change your perspective - and your behavior.
Think of it this way: A single behavior maps out a dirt road in your brain, creating a basic pathway for your thoughts to travel. As you repeat behaviors, your brain builds a highway, allowing for increased volume and frequency of thoughts to move about, resulting in your day to day actions. In order to change our behavior, we must reprogram our brain. It requires the deconstruction of existing highways, and is a process that takes time. (Northway Church)
I think you can apply that to any part of your life. Whether it's learning to be more disciplined with your finances, or exercising more, eating better, quitting smoking, changing a bad habit - whatever. You can change anything, but it takes time to tear down old highways, and build new ones.
In time, the result is an entirely new neurological road-map, leading you to the life you were meant to live. 
The message? Commit to whatever positive change you want to make - and keep making the change every day. Eventually, that good habit will be your repeated behavior.

You can get on the right path - and in time, you'll build a super-highway to the truly good, happy life you were meant to live.


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