Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm pinned

It doesn't take much to get me to try a new social networking site. It does take something to get me hooked.

I'm not sure what that something is - but Pinterest has it.

I read recently that something like 90% of Pinterest users are women. 90%. It's interesting that a social networking site would be so polarized by gender, but in the case of Pinterest, it sort of makes sense. Women like to find pretty things, and share them with each other.

Men like pretty things, too. And they like to share pictures....but they're usually the sort you can't really post on Pinterest.

But shoes, and purses, and outfits, and jewelry...yummy food....pretty decorations...storage ideas....funny quotes....? There's a pin for that.

The best part? The original pin will always reveal the source - so you can find the recipe for that taco dip, or the store/site to buy those shoes.

I'm addicted. Follow me here.

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