Monday, October 18, 2010

A Big Boat

My friend and I have been joking for years about the two of us being on a big boat. It's a long story from which I will spare you, but the joke is this: Life is the ocean. As life throws bigger problems (waves) our way, our ability to handle the problems (our boat) gets bigger. 

It's funny, believe me. Especially if you know the two of us.

Anyway, lately I've been thinking that there's no way my boat is big enough. Just no way. In the last three years, I have struggled through more loss and more change than I could even explain, and now it's happening - again. It's not all love, or even relationship, related. I lost a job that I loved, I took on major financial headaches. I even lost my dog. (That was awful; he rocked.)

But let's face it - we all go through stuff. I have a friend who has been laid off three times in the last eighteen months; she lost a boyfriend, a best friend, two homes, a solid chunk of income - and she's dealing with some major health issues. I have another friend who lost her home and marriage, took on more financial burden than most could even fathom, moved twice in less than a year and lost two jobs along the way. I have a third friend who moved twice in a year, lost a home, a job, a huge chunk of income, family relationships - and she had one unexpected baby, and lost another. 

It seems that life is testing all of us in some ways - and blessing us in others. One friend has an amazing husband who she loves who has been by her side. Through everything, she also found her dream job. Another friend has improved her health situation, while making some choices that have allowed her more time with her kids. She may not like the choices, but she'd never argue with the results. Another friend is finding her way back to her family; the one source of strength she hasn't had in a very long time. 

As for me? It's a big boat. I'll be fine.


Have you been tested? How did you get through it? 

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