Thursday, March 5, 2015

Three truths and a fib

We are having a discussion about ice breakers on Facebook. Baking Suit likes them... so far, she's the only one.

Ice breakers are basically an introvert's worst nightmare. If you're a shy introvert (ahem), you'd probably rather have a tooth pulled without pain killer than spend one minute trying to guess a stranger's favorite color.


I'm a reformed shy kid. While I still loathe ice breakers, I have been to enough meetups, blind dates, and speed dates (that's a special kind of hell; don't do it) that I can fake my way through a get-to-know-you kinda game. I just may need a nap after.

Baking Suit is playing an ice breaking game this morning, and asked us to join. So here it goes...

- I can decorate a cake.
- I talk fast, say too much, and get clumsy when I'm nervous.
- When I was a kid, my room was always tidy.
- My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird.

One of these things is not true. Care to guess which?


  1. Either your favorite book is not To Kill a Mockingbird or your room wasn't tidy. I can't decide :)

    1. Nanny used to clean my room when she visited. Then I couldn't find anything. So one time, I shoved all my stuff in my closet. She figured me out, and opened up the closet door. All my stuff came crashing out on top of her.

      My dad was so proud.