Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snow days

I promised to share a little gratitude every day.

It is not often you'll hear me talk about work; and you'll almost never hear me say I'm grateful for my job.

But, as the snow continues to fall, I have to say, I am quite grateful my manager allows me to work from home when the weather is bad.

I don't actually mind driving in snow - but I suck at walking in the stuff. Even the short walk from the office parking lot is bad for me.

Then there's the shoveling. Sure, I have a snow-removal service - but what if I get home and they haven't plowed? Then I have to shovel my way into my driveway.

I'd just as soon stay home.


  1. Be safe out there if you do venture out! Seems like quite a storm!

  2. I was incredibly thankful this morning for my 2 hour delay. I won't talk about how I felt about staying in the office all day yesterday other than I was really grateful to be home.