Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My friend Court is crafty

There are a handful of people who I really, truly like. Most people, I just tolerate. Some people just tolerate me. Some I don't even bother with niceties. But people with whom respect and friendship is mutual? Very few. 
Court is Crafty is one of those people. She's the perfect combination of cool, sweet, smart, generous, funny, and snarky. She also has great taste in shoes, and is always willing to feed me.  

Court did a bunch of stuff for me for my birthday, including attending, baking for, and making a purchase from the launch party for my Stella & Dot business.

But she also made me several headbands (one is pictured to the right). Isn't it cute? I just love the colors she picked out. The others were pink and brown and black and white. 

In addition to my presents, I also commissioned her to make a lovely hat for a little girl I know who has an upcoming birthday. I knew I wanted a pretty, girly color (because, hello), but Court was especially helpful in suggesting a good accent color. She even added an adorable little touch of her own!  

Court's love of crafting is genuine, and that comes through in her work. I would highly recommend visiting her online shop, and giving her a like on Facebook to stay connected and see what she's working on.