Friday, May 10, 2013

Random Friday thoughts

I have a bunch of thoughts in my head, but I can't seem to complete a post. Friday Fill-ins had nothing new for me today, so you're getting a stream of consciousness. 

» Still avoiding the publish button on those drafts I wrote earlier this week. They may go up next week, simply because I can't stand having unfinished business. If people get upset - eh. Haters gonna hate, I s'pose.

» Joe is on an anti-biotic. Have you ever tried giving a cat a liquid medication using an oral syringe? Good times.

» My hair has officially gotten too long, and I'm four weeks away from next appointment.

» Large vet bills mean I have less money, which makes me hyper-aware of every dollar I spend. I'm currently in a no-spending mode, which is why I'm particularly happy that the Alive at Five concert series starts soon. Free is right within my budget.

» Pasta dishes are a great way to lower the grocery bill, but if I'm going to be eating more pasta, I should probably make at least some of it whole grain. Not all - that's just crazy talk.

» I'm volunteering on Sunday for Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, running their public info table at Tulip Fest in the afternoon. The public info section is behind the kids zone, between the amphitheatre seating and the playground. Stop by and say hello. We give out free stuff.

Here's a picture of Shemar Moore from his Facebook page. You're welcome.

If that's not inspiring, I don't know what is.


  1. We had to give our cat, Bryce, liquid antibiotics... it was SO AMAZINGLY FUN... said no one ever.

    And Shemar... *drools*

  2. Hi Sue :)

    I thought of dropping a few lines as I often visit your blog - without leaving a mark (sorry!)
    The writings are refreshingly different -in a positive way- from most of those posted by young(ish) girls.
    The good language you cherish is only part of it!
    I enjoy your ponderings and mini-analyses on general topics of human interest, from your own personal point of view.

    Looking forward to those yet unpublished, c'mon! ;-)
    -Anne in Oz