Friday, September 14, 2012

The gym - random observations

I've been to the gym every night this week. The enormous amount of pain I feel is (slightly) balanced by the slightly-smaller feeling of accomplishment. Life is about balance, I suppose.

Some random observations from My Week at the Gym.

- Putting a gym right next door to a pizza place is bad planning - or cruel. Maybe both.

- I am neither a business person nor a real estate expert, but I found at least three places between the gym and my house that would be perfect for a sushi restaurant.

- That said - I actually found a very good sushi place very close to my house, that also does take-out and delivery. I can't even begin to describe my excitement. [This is sort of tangential to the gym observations. I stopped there on the way home from the gym, so I included it here.]

- I find it annoying that people sit on a machine, without using it, particularly when I'm waiting.

- Only slightly less annoying is when people use a machine incorrectly. C'mon - if I can figure out the right way to do the exercise, anyone can.

- I'm hoping by November my hair is long enough that I'll be able to clip all of it back.

- The hair clip I got in Target's $1 section is awe-some.

- Women need the calf press more than men, and should get precedence for that machine. I have to wear heels; you don't.

- Just because I'm looking at the TV that's in your direction doesn't mean I'm checking you out. Get over yourself.

- The absolute last thing on my mind when I'm at the gym is making new friends. I'm so miserable, I barely want the friends I already have.

- Don't wear skin tight pants and a cleavage-enhancing tank top, and then pretend you didn't want those guys staring at you. We all know better. [Not saying anyone is wrong for liking attention, just for not owning how they really feel.]

- I feel going to the gym is largely a waste of time, with very little return. However, being at the gym the other night meant I avoided a close encounter of the skunk-kind. It's the little things.


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